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Since his childhood Karl Kaufmann was interested in storytelling and filmmaking. He graduated as a film author at the de’ Medici Arts Institute. He worked in fairs/exhibitions on four continents, speaks various languages, is a lifelong researcher in metaphysics—the content of his projects. He directed two features which went on the worldwide festival route, one aired.

with a focus on details of metaphysical nature:

Everybody is an expert when it comes to politics, religion or the movies. Not Karl Kaufmann. He is off on a tangent.

His name was once Sirion. He was a warrior on Andromeda. It was before his cycle of incarnations on the blue planet began.

Scratching your head? So he would have. But not when the details came from his dear Italian friend Annamaria, a woman of rare inner and outer beauty. That is, to be precise, she got this message from Argena.

Flash forward to the present. There is nothing intriguing in the common sense. This author has no reputation to defend. Such as which top college he attended. Or that he has a mansion for his family. None of the two he has. Not even a puppy or a cat or a canary. He did not excel in anything the world cares about. He did not build schools in rural Africa. Or made a better planet.

One million tons of cane sugar was his sweetest deal as a businessman. It never came to fruition, though. Can you imagine how many million teeth are grateful for their longevity? Oh, they got the sugar anyway, huh? But not burdening his karma.

A few outstanding individuals graced his earthly pilgrimage. You’ll learn about them reading the novel. Here he’ll mention two. One is his niece Sabine, whose deed has found its place in a script. At the age of one—she could barely walk—the toddler made it down a grassy hill and up another to passionately hug her uncle and kiss him, stunning every adult who witnessed it. Sabine's granny found that in her previous life Sabine must have been his wife. Sure…

The author recalls a frail 80-year-old lady in Brazil. He met her when he was 39. When she stood in front of him she fell on her knees and kissed his hands. When she looked up at him she asked, surprised at his surprised look, if he did not know what was circling over him. Her impression impressed him. So did her life. She discovered only at the age of 16 that other people do not astral travel. And she gave it up once a sage told her she had not incarnated to practice that sport. The lady and the author became special friends. He called her his Brazilian mom.

He remembers how he was levitating in a horizontal position in his sleep—not in his dream. He remembers his feet were higher up than his head. When he realized it, he fell down on what still was underneath him, his bed.

Another time, sleeping in the same bed he was blessed with a most unforgettable dream. A sleek Greek-like goddess in a white, pleated evening gown was descending in a standing position from the sky. Her feet landed in the grass. He walked toward her. The two hugged each other as if they knew each other for eons and ascended together. Under his feet, he noticed how slender, tall trees other than cypresses were shrinking in the distance. The two kept soaring until they stopped in midair. Still embraced, they looked at each other. He knew. He was not ready to fly away with her. He’d have to do a few errands first. In mutual understanding, they parted. She proceeded up, he came back down.

How can you discard a dream like this? It makes life bearable. Especially after you learned that your higher self would always approach you in a figure of the opposite sex. This, according to the depth psychologist Carl Jung. It is the reason why this author’s protagonists are women. His higher self wants to express itself that way. So now you know the roots of Mystica, the FateShifter (or of Candid Hope, the doll maker).

KARL KAUFMANN, the Author of FateShifter

on: FateShifterPRO [at] gMail [dot] com

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