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early feedback to novel & TV series

This project will still make money long after we are all gone.  --  Mark Marzouk, a Golden Globe Awards President, about the FateShifter-related MYSTICA TV Series Project

Three quantum leaps beyond anything I have ever read.  --  Susan Jordan, Attorney, about the Novel

Will change a generation.  --  Catalina Catani, Assoc. Producer of Bobby Fischer Life, about the TV Project

Karl, Karl, Karl, This is terrific! I don't usually lean toward dystopian novels, but I love the premise of this novel because your premise is an ever-present looming real issue that older readers with vivid imaginations have nightmares about.  --  Kate Tumminello, of Book Club for Readers over 60

Once again you blew me away. The visual art is beautiful, I’m liking the story line, and your instinct with soundtrack selections is spot on. You’re opening me up to a world I never paid much attention to. It’s been really hard not to show your work to some of my friends in the arts (Emerson College Boston grads and teachers, etc.) so the faster you get this FateShifter out there the better.  --  Kate Tumminello, in Response to the New Reading Format (=text with images & score) 

what's at stake?

An issue no government 

knows how to solve

yet the fateShifter promises:

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